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Program Options and Fees



Program Options for Grades 4-6



1.   “How to Be a Really, Really Bad Writer” 

  • Best with classroom-size groups (15-30)

  • A modified version also works with larger (auditorium-size) groups

  • Examples, demonstrations, easy to use tips

  • Students learn how to recognize their own bad writing, and how to make it better

  • Fun, participation-based demos

  • Recognizing your enemies: IS/ARE/WAS/WERE  + ADJECTIVES

  • Follow up lessons/worksheets

  • All the “rules” apply to fiction and nonfiction (e.g., essay) writing

  • Q&A


2.   “Better Reading Through Mysteries”

  • Best with classroom-size groups

  • Focus is on the importance of Close Reading using mystery novels

  • Learning to think like a detective: every little detail might be a clue

  • How to recognize what is important and what is not

  • Understanding timelines

  • Understanding character motivation

  • Understanding the importance of setting – the time and the place

  • Practice: Reading and discussing a “Two-Minute Mystery”

  • Q&A


3.   Custom Presentation (focus on one or more of my books)

  • I will work with you to determine the actual program, but here are some ideas:

  • Inspiration for the book

  • My writing process

  • Revising

  • The Publishing World

  • Characters

  • Plot

  • Q&A




Half Day: $650 + travel expenses if more than 50 miles from my home  (3 hours / up to 3 single-class presentations + signing)


Full Day: $1200 + travel expenses if more than 50 miles from my home (6 hours / up to 5 single-class presentations + signing + lunch with select group of kids)


Single large-group presentation plus questions, signing, or social (only for schools within 30 miles of my home): $350


All fees are negotiable, depending on location and your specific circumstances. Contact me – I will do my best to work within your budget. I’m sure we can work something out!

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