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Preparing for the Big Day



Please complete the booking form and return it to me as soon as possible. Once I receive the form and we have agreed on the date, times, and cost, your event will be officially booked.


The following information is from my publisher’s website: and the contents are intended for informational purposes, not as requirements! I will be happy to work with you if you plan to sell books ahead of the visit.


How to get organized for the event:


Prepare Students Visiting authors agree that the most important way to ensure a successful author visit is to make sure the students have read the author's books. Be prepared by having the school librarian order multiple copies of the author’s books. Post a list of the author's titles in the library. Ask teachers to plan book talks and art projects based on the author’s titles. Post signs and flyers around the school to spread the word that the author is coming. Ask students to prepare a list of questions to ask the author. Review the questions with your students.


Buy the Books Author visits that include book-signing events create much enthusiasm and excitement. This is the student's golden opportunity to exchange a few words with the author one-on one and to receive a signed book. Order books well in advance directly from the publisher or from your usual source of supply—distributor, wholesaler or retail bookseller. Have students pay for the books beforehand so that no money will have to be exchanged at the event. (The PTA can help coordinate this.) Keep in mind that while paperbacks will keep costs down, hardcovers make treasured keepsakes. Always order the author/illustrator's most recent book, since this is the book he or she will most likely be discussing. Make sure you order enough books so that you don't run out. If you are confused about how many books to order, you may want to follow this formula: Paperbacks: Two books for every three children; two to three books per adults at conventions. Hardcovers: One Hardcover or paperback per adult.  Penguin Random House -


Publicize and Generate Excitement Organize a publicity committee of faculty, staff, P.T.A. members, and students. Ask each member to find creative ways to promote the event. Distribute a newsletter or flyer about the event, make posters or other announcements, and ask the librarian to showcase the author's books. Also plan to have a display of the author's books set up at the appearance. Contact the publisher to send you promotional materials. Have the committee send a press release or letter to your local media announcing the event and invite them to attend. (Always ask the author's permission before scheduling a press event.) Have Fun Fund-Raising Work with the P.T.A. to brainstorm creative ways to fund your author event. Host a craft fair, bake sale, or car wash on school grounds. Visit us online: Random House Children's Books Author & Illustrator Appearances Kit


Set Up a Hospitality Crew: Make an author feel welcome by having a crew of teachers, parents, administrators, and students on hand to give a hearty reception to the author. Set up a welcome wagon, create 3-D displays, and ask the community to become involved by hosting a luncheon. (Ask your local supermarket to donate the food.) Volunteers from the hospitality crew can also chaperone the author on the day of the event. Request an Honorarium Check Remember to leave enough time before the day of the event to request an honorarium check from your school or library.

Audio/Visual and other supplies needed:

  • AV cart with 3 plug-ins and extension cord

  • computer speakers

  • large screen

  • white board or chalk board, markers or chalk

  • display table

  • wireless microphone with stand

  • water to drink

                              Note: I will provide my own computer and a projector.

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