Agents of the Glass: A New Recruit
Lantern Sam
Summer at Forsaken Lake
The Red Blazer Girls (Book 2)
The Red Blazer Girls (Book 1)
The Red Blazer Girls (Book 3)
The Red Blazer Girls (Book 4)

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The Red Blazer Girls (Book 3)

Sophie, Margaret, Becca, and Leigh Ann are back in an all-new Red Blazer Girls caper. In the third installment, Sophie is nose to fist with her arch-rival, Livvy, all while taking care of movie-star Nate Etan's dog, when Father Julian hires the Blazers to help him authenticate a painting. Mayhem and mystery follows as the girls attempt to uncover the truth. Oh, and, uh, Sophie's friend-who-is-not-a-boyfriend, Raf, is back. . . .